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For the last 26 years my husband and I have been Independent Insurance Agents, representing several insurance companies. We have combined a couple of small agencies along the way. We have been involved with a “cluster” and a Franchise Group. Each had its own benefits and downfalls including the operating systems we struggled with. One tool or expense that we have used has been and is Agency Software. We started with the lowest system…using it just for Acord documents. A couple of years back we added “the downloads” capability. That has been a nice feature being able to let the system pull from IVANs and not having to input every single document of every client we touch. In the last couple of months, we have added the accounting side. Not coming from an accounting background, this has been amazing. Some of the features are just astounding. I am so amazed that my work load has not increased, but has changed. The amount of time I was entering receipts and checks, has been cut more than in half. Now I can track policies and company transactions. Companies are great and trustworthy, but they still have some margin of error. I am seeing where I need to make changes to better our business and I am able to do it with less help (employees) than I expected. Calculating the benefit of the program as opposed to adding more employees, it far beats more payroll taxes!! As far as training on the system, the ASI accounting team has been very helpful. The Accounting, Downloads and Accord Form Systems are a must in both of our offices! I cannot imagine our offices without them now! If I have to give up something in our office, it would NOT be this system!
Pebsworth Insurance Agency, Inc.
Robin Pebsworth