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Where do I begin! I initially called to speak to William and he was unavailable and left him a message. I have been working with him recently for the installation of Easy Apps and he has been wonderful and patient to work with so I got myself attached to him! Marla called me back within a few minutes after I left the message to William. She wanted to know if there was something she could help me with so I proceeded to explain my situation of not being able to print my certificates. So she did explored some options in my system to see if she could help within her knowledge realm. She then patched me to Frank who has more experience in this so he began to search and discover the problem with my cable, driver, etc. I was so impressed with his assistance and determination to get the printer working. It speaks volumes when you are treated like your situation matters. I am very grateful for their help. Thank you guys!

Maningo Group Insurance
Terri Schweisthal