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I've been a very satisfied customer of Agency Software Inc, Agency Pro and Easy Apps Professional for close to 10 years. Previously I was an AMS customer and have found Easy Apps much easier, more user friendly, with great tech support when needed. The best compliment I can give is last week, I had a technical problem, called and as prompted, left a help message. My call was returned twice by the owner, thank you again. I think any time the owner is that personally involved in tech support speaks for the validity and quality of the company. My one question is why Easy Apps is not more common to agencies here on the east coast? From my experience, you all put AMS & Applied to shame. If you ever hold a demo please let me know. I think I'm only aware of 50% of your programs capabilities and would love to learn more. I've been in the P&C business over thirty years now and I can't recommend your products highly enough.

Charles Brooks
The Brooks Agency