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I started with EzAgent January of 2011, and chose them because they had a simple interface, and I knew I could train staff quickly and they knew what they were and were not trying to reinvent themselves as the rest of the industry was. I have stayed with them, because I don't have to worry about their system. When I turn it on it works. I was telling the owner recently, "If I have had Downtime" I don't remember it . . . all I remember is EzA is always there for me. I have had to call tech support to help me with Print Drivers as I use the Cloud System, but not if a few years as it seems the software industry has figured out how to make Cloud Printing to a computers default printer work as if the printer was connected to the system with a USB cable. We have over 1000 policies in EzA now and generate ID cards and certs on a daily basis, and I have to add staff, so it is still so easy and intuitive for new employees to learn quickly. I recommend EzA to any agency that wants a stable system that just works!

Auto Risk Consultants 
Michael Graham