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EasyApps Pro
Product Comparison
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Key FeaturesEasyAppsEasyApps
100% Web-Based        
Hostable via EME Cloud Services      
ACORD Form Features
All 850+ ACORD Forms Supported by ACORD
Electronic Signature (don't have to print forms to sign)
Vehicle Database
Electronic Signature
Certificate Holder Database
Vehicle Database
Drivers Database
Equipment Database
Property Database
Email ACORD Forms Directly from Program
Coverage Database - Limits/Deductibles that Automatically Pre-Fill ACORD Forms  
Insurance-Specific Features
Enhanced Client Database: Filtering; Advanced Search; Columnar Sort; Drop Down Lists; etc.
Client Notes Area
Integrated Email
Comprehensive Policy Management System  
Family Member Database: Track Birthdays; Demographics: Interests: Nicknames; etc.  
Rich Text Word Processor with 50+ Insurance Sales Letters; Automatic Customer Merge  
Integrated Tickler System with Alarms  
Transactional Filing System to Prevent E&O    
Documents Management - Scan/Attach ANY file type to Client's File.    
Claims Database    
Reporting Features  
Multiple Reports including X-date, Mailing Labels  
Custom Report Writer    
Management Reports: Book of Business by Company/Producer; Commission by Insurer; etc.    
Accounting Reports: Balance Sheet; Trial Balance; Income & Expense Report; Aged Receivables; Register Reports; Transaction Detail; etc.        
Accounting Features        
Accounting - Full General Ledger System with Agency and Direct Bill; Cash or Accrual Basis        
Client Accounts Receivable: Invoices & Statements        
Checkbook and Credit Card Ledgers        
Direct Bill Reconciliation        
Payables Module        
Download Capability (optional)  
Personal Lines  
Personal and Commercial Lines      
ASI Printer to automatically attach anything you can print to client's file      
Automated access to Company Websites via "Web-View"      
Download Direct Bill Reconciliation Statements        
Bonus Features
Over 200 Business Specific Survey Questionnaires  
Built-In Video Tutorials
Easy Online Updates  (automatic)