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Product Comparison
Agency2Go Screenshots
System Requirements
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Agency2Go Overview

We are proud to announce our newest product named Agency2Go. It has all of the features that you would expect from an industry leading insurance software company - all available from the convenience of your web browser. From CRM and commission tracking to document management, policy tracking and applications and certificates - Agency2Go does it all. 100% web based with a Microsoft SQL Server database, and hosted on secure Amazon Web Services, Agency2Go can accommodate from 1-99 simultaneous users. Sell and Service from Anywhere!

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  • Completely web-based and available from virtually anywhere with browser access
  • Integrated Document Management - Attach ANY file type (Pictures, PDF,  Email, Excel, MS Word, movies, sound, etc.) to Client's file.
  • Enhanced Client Database with Filtering, Advanced Search, Columnar Sort, Pre-populated Drop-Down Lists to standardize data entry.
  • Comprehensive Policy Management and X-Date Tracking.
  • Transactional Filing Subsystem Automatically Prevents E&O and tracks productivity.
  • Family Members/Demographics Database
  • All 850+ ACORD® Forms including Certs, Binders, and Apps for all states
  • Ability to Electronically Sign ACORD forms.  Email without printing first.
  • Time and Rep Stamped Client Notes. Automatically Set Ticklers for follow up.
  • Powerful Certificate Holders Database. Fill out one single cert and send to hundreds of holders.  Includes Cert Holder Report to give to your carriers.
  • Integrated Email and Adobe® PDF support.  Save Email History to Client's file.
  • Vehicle Database Pre-fills vehicle information to ID cards, etc.
  • Pre-fill of Common Data between most commercial forms
  • Coverage Database - Pre-fills Limits/Deductibles to ACORD forms
  • Many Pre-Written Reports including X-Dates, Mailing Labels, and Many More!
  • Tickler/Calendar Subsystem with Pop-Up Alarms.  Manage any user's schedule from your computer.  Set Tasks, Appointments or Alarms for yourself or groups.
  • Compatible with our Award Winning Download Manager. Automatically downloads client and policy information from your Carriers or rating vendors in ACORD Level 3 format.  Saves lots of Data Entry and prevents E&O.
  • User Selectable Skins to customize the Look and Feel of Agency2Go.
  • Toll-free 800 tech support - Best 'Hand Holding Department' in the industry!