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ACORD License Changes

ACORD has recently announced that starting in 2020, all insurance agencies and brokers using ACORD forms within their insurance software and agency management systems are required to obtain End-User Licenses directly from ACORD.

In August 2019, ACORD and the IIABA (the Big “I”) announced they had established a joint program whereby the Big “I” would provide complimentary End-User Licenses for its member agencies. Under this agreement, Big “I” members with annual gross revenue of less than $50M are eligible for a license from ACORD with no additional payment necessary. To learn more about this change, you can click here to read the press release.

On December 11, 2019, ACORD and PIA announced that they had also established a joint program whereby PIA members with an annual gross revenue of under $50M would recieve complimentary End User licenses with no additional payment necessary. To learn more about this program, please click here.

If your agency is a member of Big 'I' or PIA, you can claim your complimentary license here.  Any agencies that are not Big “I” or PIA members will need to ensure that they are properly licensed to use ACORD Forms by obtaining a license directly from ACORD by emailing or calling (845)620-1700.  We have heard from our customers that ACORD has been inundated with emails and telephone calls regarding this issue, so it may take some time to get through.

In no way will Agency Software, Inc. be responsible for policing the End-User License requirement, or  limit your access to ACORD Forms because of it. Our single contractual obligation is to inform you about the license requirements. When we asked ACORD about the cost nature of the End-User license agreement, they replied that license is 'between ACORD and the End-User' - effectively saying that it was none of our business. 

This is all we know about this issue at this point. We encourage you to contact ACORD directly by either calling (845)620-1700, visiting, or by emailing if you have further questions about the End-User License.  You can also send us an email at and we'll do our best to help you.

As always - We appreciate you as a customer and your trust in us as your insurance software provider.

Mitch McInelly
President - Agency Software, Inc.