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Haunnah McInelly

Haunnah grew up in Sandpoint, Idaho. After all these years she still loves the lakes and mountains, and although she's seen quite a bit of the US, she hasn't seen many places that are as pretty as north Idaho. She loves to travel and has been to Europe four times (she especially loves Germany and Italy); while in Hamburg, Germany for a month, she Studied the language while living with German friends.

Haunnah's background is in education, primarily teaching high school Social Studies and beginning German language. She taught at Project CDA for a year before giving birth to her first daughter, taught at Lakeland High School for four years, and led students on two study tours of Europe.

Haunnah has been working off and on with Agency Software since she and her husband, Mitch, bought the company in 1992. She does all the background things that need doing around here. In the early days she did cold calls for salesmen, and nowadays (with a much larger staff) she orders supplies, works with graphic designers and printing companies, keeps the database up-to-date so we can track our customers efficiently, organizes travel for conventions, pays the bills, dabbles in sales, and is in charge of office decor. When it comes to detail-oriented tasks, Haunnah's the gal.

She likes downhill skiing, volleyball, horseback riding, and traveling. She used to dance a lot in her younger days; in fact, she danced with Spokane Ballet when she was twelve.

She and Mitch have three beautiful daughters.